Overview of the Project

The Couple Mobile Sensing Project is an interdisciplinary collaboration conducted by psychologists and electrical engineers at the University of Southern California. Our goal is to develop and implement mobile technology for collecting data in daily life. For information about funding, click here.

Couples and Families in Daily Life: Is the mundane significant? We seek to understand how subtle processes are associated with important outcomes. Small, daily behaviors can have large impacts on functioning and are important points of intervention for improving individual and couple functioning.

Ambulatory Physiological Monitoring and Mobile Technology: We are testing and implementing mobile physiological monitors to collect electrodermal activity, skin temperature, heart rate, and movement. We have also developed a smartphone application that collects self-report, audio, and GPS data.

Cross-Disciplinary Advances in Science: Our work spans multiple disciplines, including psychology, electrical engineering, computer science, and statistics. We apply novel methodologies and statistical techniques to emerging technologies to advance psychological theory and intervention.

Sharing of Scientific Findings and Resources: As part of our research effort, we disseminate our results to the public and other scientists. We also share software, code, and statistical knowledge with the goals of spreading knowledge and increasing the accessibility and feasibility of these methods.

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Research Questions

Our team examines a variety of different research questions relating to family and couple processes. We are interested in how couples interact in daily life and in the lab and what that can tell us about their relationship functioning. We look at how early family environments affect relationships in adulthood. We also study the complex interplay between physiology, emotion, and behavior using a variety of different measures and methodologies.

Project Components

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Become a Research Assistant

The Couple Mobile Sensing Project is currently accepting applications for research assistants in our lab. Our research assistants gain experience in a variety of areas, including working with physiological data and conducting research. If you are interested in becoming a research assistant, contact Adela Timmons at or Sohyun Han at

Become a Participant

We are currently recruiting couples ages 18-25 years old that have been in a relationship for at least 2 months. Participants are compensated for their time.

If you are interested in participating in our research, please let us know by emailing the Family Studies Project:

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